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  • iscm2013Yasunoshin Morita wins ISCM Young Composer Award 2013. The Japanese composer Yasunoshin Morita has won the ISCM Young Composer Award 2013 for The History of Songs & Words. The work for choir was performed as part of the 2013 ISCM World Music Days on November 13 in the Mittlerer Saal of the Urania Observatory in Vienna by Camerata Silesia Katowice conducted by Anna Szostak. The jury, consisting of Stephen Lias, Alper Maral and David Pay, appreciated the witty and colorful writing, in which fragmented gestures of kinetic energy coalesced into forceful rhythmic patterns. Extended techniques and layered textures created an inherent velocity, and the power of the piece was reflected in the audience's enthusiastic response. For the first time, Music on Main from Vancouver, Canada, has teamed up with ISCM to present a commissioning award to a young composer.
  • iscm2013 The ISCM World New Music Days 2013 has taken place in Kosice, Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria) from November 4 to 14.
    The ISCM General Assembly 2013 was held during the ISCM World New Music Days in Slovakia and Austria in November. The schedule for delegates can be found here. The meeting Booklet can be viewed online and is also available for download there. Brief history of ISCM World New Music Days in a short video! The festival will take place in Slovakia for the first time in 90 years, and it returns to Vienna after 50. That's a reason to celebrate! We are looking forward to meeting you in November! The festival offers a variety of concerts featuring works, e.g. for chamber choir, recorders and electronics, symphony orchestra, sound installations, compositions for solo instruments, ensembles, and more. The works selected from the ISCM-entries can be found here. Please check the festival website for all other information on the ISCM World New Music Days 2013.
  • sariaaho.jpgIn the General Assembly of the ISCM in Belgium 2012, the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho was unanimously elected as Honarary Member. Born in 1952 in Finland, Kaija Saariaho lived a childhood embedded in music, playing several instruments. In parallel to musical studies, she started art studies, at the Fine Arts School of Helsinki, that she quickly quit to concentrate on music. At the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, she received the composition teachings of Paavo Heininen, before to follow, in Darmstadt then in Fribourg, the courses of Brian Ferneyhough and Klaus Huber. Read more....
  • Netherlands Section/Gaudeamus presents a small report of our activities in 2013 in which we and several other ISCM members were involved. It would be nice to also hear of some of your activities, in the coming weeks warming up for our meeting in Slovakia/Austria. ...Read more Most recent ISCM Young Composer Award
  • iscm2013ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award 2012! The American composer Eric Nathan has won the ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award 2012 for Walls of Light. The work for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, violoncello and percussion was performed as part of the 2012 ISCM World Music Days in Belgium. For a number of years now, the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) has teamed up with ISCM to present a commissioning award to a young composer. Read more....
  • Report on the ISCM World Music Days 2012 in Belgium by John McLachlan; I attended the World Music Days 2012 in Flanders and Wallonia-known as Belgium to everyone except the Belgians-between the dates 26th and 31st October inclusive. This means that it is just an account of one person's visit, and leaves out 5 days from before and after. My comments will surely therefore fail to cover some wonderful work or other, and I hope other reports catch those. This report takes the form of a chronicle alternating 'subjective' and 'objective' memories......Read more
  • 2013/07/01 is the deadline for The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards a.o to the creation, performance and conducting of the classical music of our time Candidates shall be one or more natural persons of any nationality, without limitation of number. Nominations can be made by institutions and organizations working in the knowledge areas covered in each category more
  • WNMD2012 The ISCM World Music Days 2012, took place from October 25 to November 4, and was a travelling festival, spread over ten days, visiting six cities: Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mons. ISCM-Flanders aims to be a platform for everyone who is professionally active in the field of contemporary art music in Flanders.
    The Forum des Compositeurs is Associate Member of the ISCM and promote contemporary music in the Frenchspeaking Community Wallonia - Brussels.
    ISCM Flanders made a radio spot together with Klara to promote the festival. Come and dive into new music! free your ears!
  • The ECPNM – European Conference of Promoters of New Music hosts the fifth European competition for proposals of composition and interpretation of live-electronic music projects that demonstrate in an innovative way new possibilities for the combination of instruments and live-electronics as well as innovative use of live-electronics with the composer as a performer. 2nd Category is for works involving double-bass or electric bass guitar and live-electronics, to be performed by John Eckhardt Two projects in each category will be premiered at a final concert during the ISCM World New Music Days 2012 on 3 or 4 November at De Singel in Antwerp, more
  • iscm2013 WNMD2014categories1
  • Deadline for the ISCM World Music Days 2014 was June 30, 2012. ISCM Polish Section is organizing The ISCM World Music Days in Wroclaw from 3rd to 12th of October, 2014. The Call for Scores had 22 categories in which multimedia and electronics are possible. more

  • Chiu-Yu_ChouThe winner of the ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award 2011 is Chiu-Yu Chou (Taiwan) for her String Quartet nr. 1., performed by the 'Song String Quartet' on the 13th of April. ...Read more

  • Milton Babbitt and Joji Yuasa are elected Honorary Member of the ISCM Milton Babbitt
    The compositional and intellectual wisdom of Milton Babbitt, born in 1916 in Philadelphia, Joji Yuasahas influenced a wide range of contemporary musicians. He died on January 29th of 2011 at the age of 94. One can read more on New Music Box.
    Joji Yuasa (1929 in Koriyama, Japan) was from 1981 through 1994 actively engaged in music research and education at the University of California, San Diego. Read more...

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    listings of international events


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    interpreters' competitions
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    27 November – 1 December 2013
    • 2013/07/20-12/24 Audio Art is an experimental and postmodernist art of the close of XX century and the beginning of the XXI century. Audio Art is an integration of sound and visual art. Presentation of Audio Art appears in form of the concert, performance and installation. Audio Art creates new concept of sound source: as an object and musical instrument in certain space and time more
    • 2013/12/17-12/21 International Conference "Theatre Between Tradition & Contemporaneity" 2013; Performing Arts Management Today, Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations, Performing Arts Training Today in Austria, Styria Region (The conference working language is English) more
    • 2014/05/16-05/18 Tenso Days 2014 in the framework of Festival van Vlaanderen / Mechelen hoort stemmen. During the Tenso Days 2014, the first round of the next episode of the Tenso Young Composers Workshop will take place more
    • 2014/08/02-08/16 International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt A workshop for contemporary opera, directed by Hans Thomalla (composer, Northwestern University Chicago) and Patrick Hahn (dramaturge, Stuttgart Opera) will be offered during the upcoming 47th International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt 2014. Composers can apply by 1st December 2013 with project sketches and other materials. more

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    international composers competitions in order of deadline

    • 2013/12/15 The Armenian Little Singers International Association is organizing an international competition (ACCC) for choral compositions with or without piano accompaniment for the "Little Singers of Armenia" advanced children's choir (S, S, A or S, S, A, A - for 3 or 4 voices) more
    • 2013/12/17 the Pierrot Lunaire International Composition Competition 2014 for chamber works involving a minimum of 2 performers to a maximum of 5 performers, without conductor participation and without vocal participation will be open to composers of all nationalities, with no age restrictions. more
    • 2013/12/31 Variations on the Theme of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for Piano - International Edition, compiled and edited by Julian Yu [the Editor], who is coordinating this call for scores. The variations will contain a multitude of examples on different points of composition, providing a rich repertoire for piano teaching, performance and sight reading and also for general appreciation. From the entries received, 100 will be selected for publication. more
    • 2014/01/27 the "Risuonanze 2014 - incontri di nuove musiche" Festival, which will take place on early June, 2014, in Friuli Venezia Giulia region – Italy is calling for pieces for solo piano, or solo flute [C Flute, and/or Piccolo, and/or G Alto flute, one only player], or solo oboe, or solo trombone, or solo harp, or solo toy-piano (Schoenhut Traditional Spinet - 25 keys, range: C2 to C4), or solo voice [mezzo-soprano, range: F3 to F5 (piano dynamics) or Ab5 (forte dynamics)], or voice (mezzo-soprano, range as before) and piano; use of tape and electronics is not allowed. more
    • 2014/01/31 I International Composition Award "Ciudad de Orihuela" for String Orchestra for one or various works whose only main requirement is being unpublished, that is, they should not have been performed in public, recorded or broadcasted and/or awarded in any other competition more
    • 2014/01/31 Ensemble Phoenix Basel is looking for short compositions to act as "satellites" to a central opus of the 20th or 21st century featured in "Ensemble Phoenix Basel"'s season program, "revolving" around it, referring to, or commenting on it. more
    • 2014/02/01 Levon Manukyan Collegium Musicum Professional Program for Emerging Composers who will engage in a week of intensive workshops and conferences – live, and streamed online, – form professional connections and network with colleagues from the arts industry. The program will take place between July 6th and July 15th, 2014 in Bourgas, Bulgaria more
    • 2014/02/15 he nnSF Call for Scores for chamber ensemble (2-6 players total) that include percussion and up to two other instruments (winds, strings, or piano). Submitted compositions may reflect any style or aesthetic direction and involve any instrumentation in the realm of percussion, and may have been published, performed or recorded. Works including improvisation, electronics, or indeterminate notation or instrumentation are welcome. more
    • 2014/03/31 The First Price of the Saarlouis Organ Festival," Saarlouiser Orgeltage" The composed piece of music written for organ and a solo instrument chosen by the composer should last between 8 and 10 minutes and should be written with regard to the disposition of the mechanical Mayer-Organ in the Catholic Parish church of Saarlouis-Lisdorfcompositions and which have never been previously published or played in a concert more
    • 2014/04/30 Divertimento Ensemble, conducted by M° Sandro Gorli organizes Conducting Course which takes place in Monferrato (Italy), lasts 8 days, June 7-14, and is dedicated to the following: Gérard Grisey – Périodes, Franco Donatoni - Hot, Stefano Gervasoni - Froward. At the end of it the best students will conduct five concerts, within the Divertimento Ensemble Rondò 2014 season. more

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    interpreters' competitions in order of deadline

    • 2013/05/15 Ticino Musica is an international meeting of young professional musicians coming from all around the world. more


    • 2013/12/17-12/21 International Conference "Theatre Between Tradition & Contemporaneity" 2013; Performing Arts Management Today, Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations, Performing Arts Training Today in Austria, Styria Region (The conference working language is English) more
    • 2013/12/13-12/14 Weekend courses, Lueneburg - New music, computermusic, live-electronic by Prof. Helmut W. Erdmann, Claus-Dieter Meier-Kybranz Topic: Electronic Musik/Live electronics. more
    • 2013/12/06-12/08 in Cullera, València (Spain) The International Academy [TDM] Trio de Magia offers a comprehensive exploration of contemporary music with a practical and theoretical approach: a mixture of instrumental masterclasses, masterclasses on composition, concerts and conferences, alongside other activities such as the TDM Composers Competition, the Reading Sessions and Workshops on electro-acoustic music and stage presence more
    • 2014/04/30 Divertimento Ensemble, conducted by M° Sandro Gorli organizes Conducting Course which takes place in Monferrato (Italy), lasts 8 days, June 7-14, and is dedicated to the following: Gérard Grisey – Périodes, Franco Donatoni - Hot, Stefano Gervasoni - Froward. At the end of it the best students will conduct five concerts, within the Divertimento Ensemble Rondò 2014 season. more
    • 2014/08/02-08/16 International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt. A workshop for contemporary opera, directed by Hans Thomalla (composer, Northwestern University Chicago) and Patrick Hahn (dramaturge, Stuttgart Opera) will be offered during the upcoming 47th International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt 2014. Composers can apply by 1st December 2013 with project sketches and other materials. more

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    competitions' results and awards

    • The jury of the third Competions "Franco Donatoni" International Meeting for Young Composers Composition Competition made up of Beat Furrer, Sandro Gorli, Michael Jarrell, Bruno Mantovani and Alessandro Solbiati - announced the names of the winners (in alphabetical order): Maurizio Azzan (Torino, Italy), Huck Hodge (Seattle, United States), Daniela Terranova (Udine, Italy) more
    • Five compositions have been shortlisted for the Gaudeamus Prize 2014. In September 2014, at the end of Gaudeamus Muziekweek, the winner will be declared. The nominees are Anna Korsun (1986, Ukraine), Benjamin Scheuer (1987,Germany), Marina Poleukhina (1989, Russia), Francisco Castillo Trigueros (1983, Mexico), Hikari Kiyama (1983, Japan) more
    • Results of the Gaudeamus Prize 2013 From the thirteen nominees, the international jury consisting of Peter Adriaansz (NL), Annelies van Parys (BE) and Dmitri Kourliandski (RU) unanimously chose Tobias Klich (1983) from Germany. Grüntrübe Ritornelle beim Verlassen des Territoriums - for prepared, amplified guitar and electronics was performed by Klich himself. Abel Paúl (1984, Spain) and Emre Kaleli (1987, Turkey) received an honorable mention for their submitted work. more
    • The Jury of the "1st International Contest for Musical Composition", headed by Enzo Restagno (musicologist), and formed by Giulio Castagnoli (composer) and Fabio Mengozzi (composer), after having examinated the 186 scores received from many different Countries, has decided to award 1st prize to KOTARO MORIKAWA (Japan) for the piece "Erosion", and 2nd prize to NORIKO KOIDE (Japan) for the piece "Kohaku" more
    • On Tuesday 27th of August Youssou N’Dour & Kaija Saariaho will receive The Polar Music Prize 2013 from His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden at a gala ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall to be followed by a celebratory banquet at Grand Hôtel. The ceremony will be broadcast live on national television (TV4). more
    • The British composer Naomi Pinnock has been awarded first prize in the Günter Bialas Composition Competition 2013 for her work »A Dream within a Dream« for Mezzosoprano and Piano on April 17, 2013. The second prize went to Alexander Muno for Two Songs on Texts by John Donne for Bariton and Piano. Julian Lembke was awarded the third prize for his »Ich durchstreife Deinen Raum« for Mezzosoprano and Piano more
    • The North Rhine-Westphalia Arts Foundation has announced that the Mauricio Kagel Music Prize for 2013 will be awarded, by unanimous vote, to Michel van der Aa. The award will be presented on 28 April during the Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik. more
    • Dutch composer Michel van der Aa has won the 2013 Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition for his multimedia work Up-Close, premiered in 2011, which offers a unique blend of cello concerto with film. In the Holland Festival 2013 Michel van der Aa will present his latest music theatre work Sunken Garden, a multimedia opera utilising 3d film telling a story which switches between cunning deception and occult truth, between the virtual and the real, between life and death. more
    • "Buoy" by David Berezan (1967, Canada) has won the 13th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2012 organized by Miso Music Portugal received 180 works from composers from 32 different countries juged byf Gilles Gobeil, António Ferreira and Miguel Azguime more
    • Thirteen compositions have been shortlisted for the Gaudeamus Prize 2013. Over 200 composers under the age of 30, hailing from 29 different countries, entered a composition in hopes of winning this much sought-after award. Now the jury, consisting of Peter Adriaansz (NL), Annelies van Parys (BE), and Dmitri Kourliandski (RU) has made its selection. At the end of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013 it will determine the winner of the Gaudeamus Prize. All nominated works will be performed during Gaudeamus Muziekweek which runs from 1 through 8 September 2013 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. more
    • Winner of Ö1 talents Market Composition Prize 2012, Wen Liu of the Vienna Conservatory. The young musician from China, born 1988, studied composition with Wolfgang Liebhart. The junior-promotion is worth 10,000 euros and is supported by the Austrian National Bank (OeNB) more
    • The 7th Métamorphoses Acousmatic Composition Competition, organized by Musiques et Recherches and held in occasion of the 19th International Acousmatic Festival Espace du Son has attributed the following prizes: First prize: Manuella Blackburn - Switched on Prize of the Public: Orestis Karamanlis - Toys more
    • Konstantin Heuer (1989) from Germany is the winner of the Gaudeamus Prize 2012 unanimously chosen by the international jury consisting of Martijn Padding (NL), Annie Gosfield (USA) and Christopher Butterfield (CAN) Alaska - for two speakers, soprano, tenor, bass, six violins, viola, cello and electronics - by Heuer was performed on Tuesday by VocaalLAB and the String Orchestra of the HKU. Maxim Shalygin (1985, Ukraine / Netherlands) and Edward Hamel (1986, USA) received an honorable mention In total, almost 300 compositions were submitted. more
    • Julia Hanadi Al Abed (France), Alejandro Montes De Oca (Mexique), Sam Salem (Royaume Uni) The 10th anniversary of the Luc Ferrari Competition proposes the candidates to compose a " Hörspiel " around the word " Correspondance " with maximum freedom. This inventive form of composition allows narration as much as abstraction, and the most minimalistic gesture as much as luxuriant form more
    • finalists of Forme Uniche 2012: Ewan Campbell (United Kingdom) Matteo Casula (Italy), Kazue Kaku (Korea) , Giulia Lorusso (Italy), Samuel Messer (United Kingdom), Sandro Mungianu (Italy), Mari Ohno (Japan), Sebastian Phlox (Australia) , Iran Sanazadeh (Iran / Australia), Tania Sikelianou (Greece), more
    • RESULTS of the 2012 International Rostrum of Composers: Tierra Viva (2009) for piano and tape by Argentinean composer Pedro OCHOA (born 1968) and Attempt at Screaming (2011), for ensemble by young Bulgarian composer Peter KERKELOV (born 1984) are the works selected by radio music producers participating in the 59th International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) held at the Radiohuset in Stockholm, from May 22 to 25, 2012. more
    • the jury of the 5th Brandenburg Biennial on Tuesday 19th of June at 7 p.m. assigned the Komponistenpreis award to Ms Ying Wang (Shanghai/Cologne) and the "da capo" prize to Mr José Javier Torres Maldonado (Mexico/Italy). more
    • The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation honours Friedrich Cerha with the Ernst von Siemens Music Prize, often called the "Nobel Prize for Music". Cerha will receive the prestigious award at a musical ceremony in Munich at the Cuvilliés Theatre on 22 June 2012 more
    • Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2012 1st Prize Federico Gardella (Italy) Mano d'erba, per orchestra and Ioannis Angelakis (Greece) une œuvre pour l'écho des rêves (II), pour orchestre and 2 3rd Prizes Masato Kimura (Japan) I do hope to sleep in the silent universe and Shiori Usui (Japan) WARAI more
    • Japanese composer Sakai Kenji has won the the Queen Elisabeth International Grand Prize for Composition 2011. His Concerto pour violon et orchestre will be performed at the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts (Palais des Beaux-Arts) by the 12 finalists of the 2012 violin competition and the National Orchestra of Belgium, dir. Gilbert Varga, from 21 to 26 May (world premiere on Monday 21 May). more
    • The New Forum Jeune Création competition organised by Grame and Champ d'Action and mosaik ensembles, partnered with the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain and Gmem announce the winners are: Aurelio Edler-Copes - Brazil/Italy (mosaik), Eduardo Moguillansky - Argentina/ (mosaik), Hikari Kiyama - Japan/Belgium (Champ d'Action), Johannes Kreidler - Germany (Champ d'Action), Aurélien Dumont - France (Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain), Christopher Trapani - USA (Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain) more
    • 7th Concours Dutilleux (France) won by Samuel Andreyev (Canada) with "Night Divisionfor piano, flûte alto, cor anglais, clarinette (clarinette basse), trombone, percussions, contrebasse more
    • Finalists: Thomas Amann (Austria), David Brynjar Franzson (Iceland / USA) and Martin Iddon (Great Britain) The prizewinning work, Les jeux / Les Poupées, will be premiered within the program of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL on 9 September 2012 by the basel sinfonietta under the baton of Peter Eötvös. more
    • The jury of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2-9 September 2012, consisting of Martijn Padding (The Netherlands), Annie Gosfield (USA), and Christopher Butterfield (Canada), has nominated thirteen compositions for the Gaudeamus Prize 2012. These compositions, selected from almost 300 entries, will be performed in the International Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Music Week) which will take place from Sunday, September 2 to Sunday, September 9 in Utrecht, the Netherlands more
    • The Young Composers Meeting besides Gijs van der Heijden also Yu Oda received a commission for het Nationaal Jeugd Orkest and Lauri Supponen for a solo- piece foor the Int. Masterclass Apeldoorn more
    • The 10th International Piano Competition of Orléans took place from February 23 to March 5, 2012 in Orléans and Paris where Christopher GUZMAN (USA) with four and Andrew ZHOU with three prizes were two of the winners" class="external-link-new-window" title="Opens external link in new window"> more
    • 1stprize to Kotaro Morikawa for the piece "Erosion", and 2nd prize to Noriko Koide for the piece "Kohaku".in the "1st International Competition for Musical Composition Audire Musica Delle Sfere" (Asti - Italy). more
    • Het Dudok Kwartet heeft de eerste prijs behaald bij het Eerste Internationale Strijkkwartet Concours in Radom (Polen). more
    • The Jury of the "1st International Contest for Musical Composition", has decided to award 1st prize to Kotaro Morikawa (Japan) for the piece "Erosion", and 2nd prize to Noriko Koide (Japan) for the piece "Kohaku". And for particular artistic merits "Che 'l giardin dello 'mperio sia..." by Karen Odrobna Gerardi (Italy) and "Nono" by Guillermo Lauzurica (Spain) more
    • The winner of the International Ibsen Award 2012 (330,000 Euro). is Heiner Goebbel. for bringing a new artistic dimension to the world of drama or theatre. His work Eraritjaritjaka will be the festival's finale during the International Ibsen Festival at the National Theatre in Oslo 23/8 - 9/9. more
    • Luke Bedford is a British composer. His works range from chamber groups (Of the Air) to full orchestra (Outblaze the Sky, Wreathe). Currently Luke is the first ever composer in residence at the Wigmore Hall, and will receive an Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung Composer's Prize, to be awarded in June 2012 in Munich more
    • Ernst von Siemens Music Prize 2012 goes to Friedrich Cerha. Composers' Prizes 2012 go to Luke Bedford, Zeynep Gedizlioglu and Ulrich Alexander Kreppein more
    • Results of Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2011; [Judge: Salvatore Sciarrino] 1st Prize Florent Motsch-Etienne (France) Flux et; 2nd Prize Bernd Richard Deutsch (Austria); 3rd Prize Jan Erik Mikalsen (Norway) Parts; 4th Prize Heera Kim (Korea) NAMOK more
    • The Dudok Quartet won the first prize at International String Quartet Concours at Radom (Poland) with a program of .G. Bacewicz - String Quartet No. 4 and any 20th or 21st century quartet more
    • Violin Concerto, a piece by composer and conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen, has won the 2012 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition more
    • The overall winner of the 2011 IMC Musical Award is Music. Play for Life. In the setting of the 4thIMC World Forum on Music, the International Music Council staged the award-giving ceremony of the IMC Musical Rights Awards on September 27th 2011 more
    • Miso Music Portugal has the pleasure to announce the results of the Música Viva Electroacoustic Competition 2011; Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia) - Anthozoa, Louise Harris (UK) - sys_m1, Theodore Karkatselas (Greece) - Sting, Honorable Mentions: Jon Christopher Nelson (USA) - Turbulent Blue, Mario Mary (France) - 2261 more
    • Gaudeamus Prize 2011 went to Départ dans… by Yoshiaki Onishi, who lives in North America and was performed Friday night 9/11 by the Nieuw Ensemble. Honorable mentions went to Voices and Echo I by Andrew McIntosh, performed on the Wednesday before by Elisabeth Smalt and Vincent Happ and Tracing the Shadows of Broken Time by Wei-Chieh Lin performed on Monday September 5 by ensemble Insomnio more
    • Henriette Bosmansprijs 2011 went to Nikos Ioakeim for his composition A Road not Taken. Christian Richter received for his work Unable Tera de Marez Oyens Prize and is intended to write a new composition. Leo Smith Ensemble Ruud van Eeten performed the works. more
    • Results of the 6th Jurgenson Composers Competition 2011 by the jury committee consisting of: Vladimir Tarnopolsky (chairman), Alexander Wustin, Boris Getselev, Igor Dronov, Faraj Karaev, Mark Pekarsky awarded 8 prizes in 3 categories more
    • Oboist Ivan PODYOMOV: 2nd prize at ARD Music Competition Munich After an exciting finale of highest musical quality the 25-year-old Russian shared the 2nd prize at the ARD Oboe Competition yesterday ? the 1st prize was not awarded more
    • The Foundation Destellos announce the results of the Forth International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual-music The First Prize was given in ex-æquo to : "Magic" by Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece) and "Golden bowls" by David Hindmarch (United Kingdom) more
    • The Polar Music Prize was presented today for the 20th year and this year's Laureates, the American string quartet Kronos Quartet and American poet and musician Patti Smith received prize money to the amount of one million Swedish kronor by his Majesty the King of Sweden at the Stockholm Concert Hall. more
    • Julian Scordato winner of the first edition of the composition competition "Disklavier Plus" with his work "Axon" (for disklavier and live-electronics, 2011) is selected by by a jury of Christina Viola Oorebeek, Wim de Ruiter, Robert van Heumen, Wouter Snoei en Henk Heuvelmans and will be performed on September 8th in the Museum Speelklok in Utrecht as part of the Gaudeamus Music Week 2011. more
    • Prize winners CHENGDU CHINA 6th SUN RIVER PRIZE Students New Composition Competition, Chengdu, PR China, 2010 more
    • Final Prizes Announced at the conclusion of the 6th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition! Monash University Grand Prize: Amaryllis Quartett, Musica Viva Australia Prize: Kelemen Kvartett more
    • Musical Life in Germany, the MIZ has succeeded in presenting a clear and concise compendium of information covering every area of music with 133 publicly funded symphony and chamber orchestras, 83 music theatres, nearly 500 music festivals held on a regular basis, thousands of amateur and semi-professional choruses, orchestras and ensembles and a tight-knit web of institutions for musical education and training more
    • Results of the, TANSMAN 2010 - VIII International Competition of Musical Personalities Composers Competition from 1st to 5th prize: Dusty Rusty Hush by Ond?ej Adámek, Czech, cveti?, ku?ica.../la lugubre gondola by Marko Nikodijevi?, Serbia/Germany, Concerto per mandolino e orchestra by Federico Gardella, Italy, Stórr by Irene Buckley, Ireland, Un Rêve Long Et Joyeux by Carlo Alessandro Landini, Italy more
    • the winners of the 2011 Brass Initiative Composition Search are...Adam Jones , J. Clay Gonzalez , Alex Siever, Roger May , Andrew Hoole , Peter Knight , Chris Bassett, Dave Wolfson, Isamu Tachihara, Roger Zare, Rich Byrd, Tyler Capp more
    • Mr.Salvatore Sciarrino, judge of the Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2011, has chosen the following 4 orchestral works out of 120 entries from 39 countries eligibly accepted by 30 September 2010.. These four nominated works will be performed on 18 January 2012 at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall : Takemitsu Memorial more
    • Compositiewedstrijd 'Hedendaagse Muziek voor Amateurs' van CoMAMaastricht resultaten Rick van Veldhuizen, Peter Greve, Mathieu Daniel Polak, Wilma Pistorius more
    • acchina per scoppiare Pagliacci (2010) for orchestra by Italian composer Francesco FILIDEI (born 1973) and Abismo al Abismo (2011), an electroacoustic piece by young Argentinean composer Juan Pablo NICOLETTI (born 1983) are the works selected by radio music producers participating in the 58 th International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) held at the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna, from June 7 to 10, 2011 more
    • De winnaar van de Buma Toonzetters Prijs 2011 is Yannis Kyriakides met het werk Paramyth. Woensdagavond 22 juni ontving deze in Nederland woonachtige componist van Cypriotische afkomst de prijs ter waarde van € 10.000,-. De internationale vakjury, onder voorzitterschap van Lucas Vis, kwalificeerde Paramyth als beste Nederlandse compositie van more
    • The Edison Foundation has announced that Martijn Padding is the recipient of the Edison in its new category De Ontdekking (The Discovery) for his work 'Three Concerti'. The jury was unanimous: "…so, contemporary music can sound sunny, playful and uncomplicated." more
    • Nikos Ioakeim, Wilko Jordens, Yu Oda and Christiaan Richter are selected for the Final concert of the Henriëtte Bosmans- and Tera de Marez Oyensprijs, stimulating prizes for young more
    • Richard Rijnvos has been awarded the prestigious Matthijs Vermeulen Prize 2011 for his song cycle Die Kammersängerin. The prize will be presented on 22 June 2011 during a Holland Festival production in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ (Amsterdam). The concert will feature a fully staged performance of the award winning work by Marijje van Stalen (soprano), the Ives Ensemble, Jos van Kan (stage director), and Michiel Voet (set design). Similar to its world premiere on 8 May 2010, it will include animated surtitles designed by students of KMT (HKU Utrecht) more
    • On Sunday, April 17th, the American percussionist Brian Archinal was awarded the first prize (€4.500) of the International Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition 2011. He was one of the five finalists who battled it out for the three prizes. Following his second round audition with All facing upwards van Piet-Jan van Rossum and Corporel by Vinko Globokar he performed Louis Andriessen’s Woodpecker and part one from Bone Alphabet by Brian Ferneyhough.
      The second prize (€ 2,250) was awarded to the English harpist Eleanor Turner, the third prize (€ 1,125) went to the Solaris Duo consisting Joel Diegert, an American saxophonist and the Georgian pianist Mariam Vardzelashvili. The remaining finalists were Vincent Lhermet (accordion) from France and the English recorder player Francesca Thompson. See here a video impression or more

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